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Unbelievable Causes of Cancer

You wont believe that these factors can cause cancer..!

Always on the phone?can your constant chatting kill you? New studies have shown surprising findings that will make you opt for a text message instead. Released findings have shown that the low level radiation released by smartphones are known to cause a small increase in the risk of brain tumors.

This is not the only unvelievable cause for cancer! Following are 7 more surprising cancer causing culprits you would never have guessed.

Instant coffee

Your instant boost is stocked with acrylamide, which is also found in cancer causing high carb food items cooked in high temperatures such as chips and toast.

Try this instead

The least acrylamide option for coffee is dark roast ground coffee. And with the carbs, boil instead of frying and halve the acrylamide by soaking spuds before making chips.

Fish oil supps

Recent research claim that high doses of omega 3 leads to prostrate cancer.

Try this instead

Dont overdose, even if it is the much hailed omega 3. And stick to two servings of oily fish per week.



HPV is the cause behind a third of reported causes for throat cancer. Add smoking and drinking to it and you are in the middle of a landmine.

Try this instead

Invest on the Gardasil HPV vaccine, though it might be a little on the expensive side. Else go for the cheaper dental dam. Its the same as using a condom.



Some brands give the authentic smoking experience by pumping you with nitrosamines, which are found in very high levels of tobacco and yes, cause cancer.

Try this instead.

Let it go all together instead of looking for alternatives. Studies show that 20 minutes of meditation can help you kick smoking in 2 weeks, without even a conscious effort.


Non-iron shirts

Formaldehyde which keep your shirts fresh can also lead to respiratory cancer according to a number of studies.

Try this instead. 

Wash before wearing these as the levels go down by as much as 60%. Opt for low effort twill shirts that can be used straight off the machine or after a simple spray of water.


Styrofoam cups

The ingredient in the cups, polystyrene is a well known cancer causing agent and is also terrible for the nature,

Try this instead

Use your own travel mug, it gets you a discount, will reduce your contribution to environmental pollution and wont let the barista misspell your name.


Brown rice

Thanks to pesticides, the outer layer of brown rice has more arsenic than in white.

Try this instead

Use a 6:1 water to rice ratio when you cook and always rinse the rice before cooking. Use alternatives if you have it more than twice a week such as millet, quinoa and buckwheat.



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