Snoring is a problem faced by many people who are light sleepers. After a hard day at work, you end up feeling bad at night as you fall asleep snoring, keeping your partner awake half the night.

But this might not be the only down side to snoring. Recent research has found that the difficulty in breathing experienced by those who snore can ultimately lead to conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

So, why do we snore? What is the cause? How can we stop this snoring for good? In this article, we will take you through exactly how to put a lid on that snoring.


The types of snoring

Know what you have. Be very informed about what snoring is, what types of snorers exist and which type you are. There are four categories of snoring, based on the blacked passageway.

 Nose snorers suffer from a partially blocked nasal passage
– Throat snorers have a partially blocked airway
– Palate snorers account for 80% of snorers, with an elongated or thick soft palate at the back of the mouth
– Combination snorers are a mixture of two or all three.

Size matters

Obesity is a key cause of snoring. The noisier the sleeping population is, the unhealthier they are. The additional weight tends to restrict the airway as you sleep at night, making you snore. So if you are overweight and have a snoring issue, hit the gym and shed those pounds.


Pour decision making

Alcohol is a muscle relaxant, and it can make the muscles in your throat relax. This will obstruct the airway, making you snore. So be mindful the next time you have that extra pint.

Chicken Snorema

Spicy food is also out, as spicy delicacies can cause acid reflux. This can end up making your snoring problem worse than it is. Acid reflux leads to problems related to sinus, coughs, and chest pains because at night as you lay down the acid with the undigested food travels back through the airway, causing a block which ends up making you snore.

Back to back

Always roll on your side when you sleep. Sleeping on your back will make your tongue roll backwards, blocking the airway.

Dust a minute

Take a look around you. The environment around you can also cause a blocked nasal passage. Dust is a culprit that can irritate your nasal passage, and your nose as a defense mechanism will create a barrier of mucus to block it. This will restrict the airways and when we lay down to sleep, we end up breathing from the mouth and snoring as a result.


Preventions and cures

So how do we prevent and cure snoring? Luckily, there are ways that can make you and your partner have a good nights sleep in peace.

Avoid drinking after 6 Pm if you know you will be sleeping with your partner. This will give the alcohol in your body enough time to disappear.

Say good bye to those smokes as well. Smoking also leads to mucus creation in the nose, leading to difficulties in breathing and ultimately snoring.

Avoid dust by keeping your room clean. Be sure to change your sheets once a week and vacuum and clean your room as often as possible. Also avoid sleeping on your back and stack some pillows behind you to keep you sleeping on the side.

There are also products that can be purchased over the counter which can help you. Here, it gets important to know what type of a snorer you are. If you are a nose snorer don’t ever use the throat spray and if you are a throat snorer, say goodbye to the nasal strip.

These life hacks will help you get yourself and treat your partner to a noise free good night’s sleep.



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