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The right Undie for Your Workout

a wedgie in the middle of your workout is just not right

The right sneakers and the right sports bra before you work out but do you ever pay attention to the right panty? Most don’t. We tend to go for the comfiest and oldest pair of granny panties we have as we work out, but studies show that this is not exactly healthy. Panties that are too tight, or made of material that don’t breathe or doesn’t wick away sweat can give you a very uncomfortable and unhygienic infection. Dark, moist and warm environments are bacteria breeding havens and fostering such an environment is not exactly good for you.

Cotton, silk and lace are to be avoided (though they do look good) when you work out as they dont breathe very well. Also, pay attention to the size. The tighter it is, the more it will hold up against your vagina and trap the moisture, bacteria and sweat that may lead to infection. If your undies make you feel restricted than comfy and you see indentation lines, they are probably too small for you.

Choosing the right undie is very very important so to give you the right tips we had a chat with the pros. All comments highlighted the importance of covering the following factors, moisture  wicking, seamless (to avoid VPL and chafing) and ofcourse a quick dry material.

Following is a list of ways to sweat and the best suggestion for an undie for each workout.



The pro: Kara Goucher, Olympic long-distance runner

Full coverage undies that will last through intense , longer workouts are the way to go when you are on a long run. You wouldn’t want to get sweaty during a hard session. Goucher recommends the brand Randies from oiselle which come in polu. nylon and spandex material blend that move when you do. – WORKOUT UNDERWEAR




The pros: Natalie Uhling, Under Armour athlete and creator of NuFit; Anna Kaiser, celebrity trainer and founder of AKT InMotion

You dont want a wedgie when you are doing the moves to a beyonce song, so our pros generally go for a thong or go commando. The thing stays in one place and does not require adjusting, and the new evolved varieties fits the body well, with moisture wicking abilities which make them ideal for gym bums who want to go commando. – WORKOUT UNDERWEAR

Its also good to know that most brands now have leggings and shorts that offer built in undies made of anti bacterial facrics.


The pro: Suzanne Bowen, creator of BarreAmped

Women have a lot of panty related problems, like VPL, wedgies and of course, the camel toe. And when a barre class makes you stretch in every way imaginable, it becomes a very serious concern. Bowen has also been a constant victim of the unexpected camel toe, and to avoid this she goes for seamless brand panties with silicone Camel No modesty panels. “I cannot tell you how much I value having well-placed padding for all those plies, lunges, and fold-overs to help me feel confident”



The pro: Heidi Powell, personal trainer and co-host of Extreme Weight Loss 

Wedgies again, and for any heavy lifter, there is nothing more annoying than a wedgie. The best solution for this as per the pro is the thong. Powell recommends the Victoria’s Secret Sport No-Show Sport Panty, whose unfinished hems stay as they are as you get your work done. The body wicking helps keep you cool and the thin material is tight and light, giving the required support and acting like a second skin. – WORKOUT UNDERWEAR



The pro: Holly Rilinger, Flywheel master trainer

As it helps in limiting the amount of material that traps moisture, the thong is the preffered undie when you spin as well. Rilinger says that she prefers less fabric in the nether region so that she can focus more on her ride.  But for those who are not big fans of thongs,padded undies are another alternative. Sweaty Betty’s low-rise version is ideal for cycling and also gives you an added cushion against friction. – WORKOUT UNDERWEAR



The pro: Kristin McGee, celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor

VPL is unavoidable when you are displaying your booty in a downward dog. McGees solution for this is to go for a brief with a seamless design. Her recommended brand is Knixwear, as the company designed the FitKnix Athletic Boyshorts after surveying over 350 female personal trainers to ensure their product held up to plenty of sweat. If leaking is a problem, the brand has also included a built in panty liner that will help you with your bladder issues.

Buy it: Knixwear FitKnix Athletic Boyshorts, $23;

Regardless of the brand and the make, be sure to change your sweaty clothes once you are done working out. There is no given time schedule to change from it, for example staying in your sweaty clothes for longer than 30 minutes will give you yeast infection , but its basic hygiene to change from sweaty clothes the moment you are done working out. – WORKOUT UNDERWEAR


The right undie for your workout – WORKOUT UNDERWEAR

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