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Prevent Breast cancer from coming back with these 7 tips!

These 7 Tips will Help You to Prevent Breast Cancer

Although many researchers have dedicated hours of study and millions of money to understand what breast cancer makes a return, we are no closer to identifying the reason why breast cancer recurs. To date, the reason for this is mostly given out by guess work.

However, studies have managed to identify how breast cancer returns. During treatment for the primary cancer, the cancer cells may relocate to other parts of the body from the breast. Once they migrate to another part of the body, they can lie dormant for years before they trigger another outbreak of the cancer which is often aggressive.

Researchers are still trying to understand how this recurrence exactly works, but studies have managed to sort out the so called lifestyle changes that can make a difference and lower the risk of recurrence vs the changes that don’t make much of an impact.

The scare of a recurrence have made many women take on a number of lifestyle changes but most of these are not necessary.

For example, avoiding dairy, carbs and soy don’t make any difference in this sense at all. Soy is in fact considered a good thing. Though the research is not conclusive, certain studies show that soy beans and compounds might lower your risk of a breast cancer re occurrence.

Organic food is another fad that most have taken on. They do have amazing benefits but helping in halting the recurrence of breast cancer is not one of them.

Based on actually studies and research conducted by a number of leading figureheads on breast cancer recurrence, here are the things you can do to prevent a breast cancer from coming back again.

Move your body.

When it comes to lifestyle changes, the most important factor is getting regular exercise. Atleast 2 ½ hours of exercise a week is required to reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence. Sadly, only around 13% of breast cancer survivors meet that goal.

It can be very difficult and exhausting to even think about exercising after suffering and getting through something as cruel as cancer. But the fact remains that regular exercise helps lower inflammation and the hormones related to recurrence and is hence the best defense against a cancer recurrence.

Maintain your weight.

Weight loss is generally considered to be a good thing. Though studies don’t actually confirm this, the evidence present strongly suggests that avoiding weight gain and taking on a healthy diet will help you during and after treatment.

Experts also suggests that women who are overweight or obese show a higher probability of suffering with a breast cancer recurrence than a woman with a healthy weight.

Avoid drinking too much.

It is important to drink in moderation once you have come through a battle with cancer. Around three or for four drinks a week are considered to be plenty and it is best to avoid drinking every day.

A recent study showed that drinking every day increased your risk of a recurrence by 28%.

Take your prescribed meds.

You have been given medications for a reason and it is critically important to stick to these prescriptions.

Many studies and researches have concluded that anti estrogen agents and aromatase inhibitors will keep your cancer from recurring. However, they do come with certain side effects and various other factors, which leads to women either stopping these medications completely or not taking them as per the prescription.

Get more C and D.

The available research that supports the effectiveness of vitamin supplements against cancer is not very strong. But a few studies have concluded that taking a vitamin C supplement can reduce breast cancer mortality rates. Low levels of vitamin D is also linked to bad cancer outcomes but again, there isn’t enough evidence to strongly suggest this.

Change your eating patterns.

The evidence that are piling up about the benefits of intermittent fasting and extended breaks from food are increasing. A recent study found that women who had a break of 13 hours between the food intake showed a lower risk of a break cancer recurrence compared to women who didn’t fast. This is easier than it sounds as all you have to do is make sure that there is a 13 hour gap between your dinner and breakfast. Stop all eating by 8 pm and have your breakfast at 9am. This way you aren’t making it difficult for yourself and helping your body stay safe.

Sip green tea.

Although yet again the research findings are not conclusive, women in early stages of breast cancer who drink 2-3 cups of green tea a day have shown a better ability to stay protected against a recurrence than those who don’t. A recent Japanese study found a 31% drop of breast cancer recurrence in women who drink green tea. However, it does not clearly mention if there are any benefits of increasing your green tea consumption post diagnosis.


Prevent Brest cancer from coming back with these 7 tips!


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