Lional Messi, how do you define the man? Its something even the person who trained him to the perfection he is has trouble answering.

How do you solve a problem like Lionel Messi? It’s a question that even the man who took him from prodigy to perfection cannot answer. Pep Guardiola’s Bayern Munich were massacred, as were Madrid in the league, plus plucky Bilbao in the Copa del Rey. The most recent casualty was Maximilian Allegri who couldn’t cope with the best frontline foot ball has ever seen – led by Lionel.


“The meme of Boateng taking a tumble for Bayern, hilarious as it may be, only lasts until the next piano playing cat is crowned the king of Reddit” LIONEL MESSI


Originally, the word Pundit means “Knowledge owner” but today we use the term to define a group of former players who are looking for something to do between early retirement and rounds of golf. These Pundits, filled with opinions, however have very little to say that is of any use. This is one reason why we continue to experience a little thrill every time messi proves them wrong.

Instead of commenting on the game with insights from the perspective of the professionals, they tend to go for the eons old “best ever” debate. This has been a discussion that had been going on for centuries, and is of course a little dry at the moment. We are currently seeing a golden age of football, every team has wonderful players and we see games that are better than ever before. Yet, can we make a specific decision on who is/was really the best? LIONEL MESSI

Let alone the best player of all time, deciding the best for this generation in it self is a challenge. Ronaldo and Messi have been battling for the slot of the best for eight years, and before the duo it was kaka who won the honor of being the best player in 2007. LIONEL MESSI

When it comes to Ronaldo, we have seen his transformation and followed his journey, From his days of terrible teeth and even worse hair to a player who has an amazing movie star smile, and a box office right boot. He has managed to – without argument – prove himself on the continent.


Messi, however, looks the same as he did a decade ago. He appeared during the later stages of the champions league, and graces us with a display of his stunning talent every year taunting premier league teams, making our heroes seem like zeros. Can he do it with his eyes closed? Probably. But, question is, are the self-proclaimed specialists qualified to call Messi the best? LIONEL MESSI

This is an issue we see in all sports. At the #MayPac, the so-called pundits stated that this bout would be the biggest ever. But what we actually saw was a full day of conversation that compared this to Hagler Vs Hearns, which they probably watched a few minutes ago on youtube.Post hype, we ended up with Pacquiao’s poorly shoulder and a serious shortage of punches from May weather.

Messi, though, very rarely lets you down, but he is still looking up to the gods of football like Maradona and Pele. who still hold the crown of being the best. Comparisons in this sense is tougher than ever taking in to account factors like different qualities of the pitch, training and opposition.

This does not mean that some day Messy or Ronaldo will not be able to take the crown as the best of the best in football. Afterall, Looking at the careers of Pele and Maradona there have been plenty of reruns. There is a benchmark that can be looked up to, but it remains to be seen if any of messi’s goals can convert to throwaway headlines. LIONEL MESSI


Because, after all, the argument on who is the best is indeed a throwaway headline. This is probably the zillionth time this argument has cropped up.

Here, lies the problem. The self-proclaimed pundits are obsessed with the exciting and the new and this can potentially damage the longevity of Messi. There have been countless “New Messi”s already. You can see this again in so many other sports, Pete Sampras disappeared because of Rogr Federer, LeBron James is already drawing comparisons to Micheal Jordan, even before he has retired. LIONEL MESSI

This particular topic of who is the best needs to stop. The legends are not made by the comments of the pundiths. We need to sit back, relax and enjoy the sport as it unfolds, else we will end up loosing what we call the Messi magic,not getting a chance to appreciate what we did see in him on the years to come. So please, open up a beer, ignore the tweets and reddit, and relax and enjoy who is probably one of the best players in history. For now, that is enough. LIONEL MESSI



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