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The Best Fitness Foods for Women

Ultimate workout food for better health and better results


The Best Fitness Foods for Women1

We have heard many negatives about bagels, but actually, bagels are one of the best food to have before a workout. The complex carbs in whole grain bagels will give you a steady flow of energy unlike the simple carbs that give you a burst of energy and drop you down. What you need when you work out are complex carbs in the natural package – which is known as whole grains. A whole grain bagel is the ideal starter before you work out! – Best Fitness Foods for Women



The Best Fitness Foods for Women1

Is that stitch on your side bothering you? Peeling a banana just might be your answer. Muscle cramps are a result of the lack of sodium, but according to studies, a shortage of potassium also contributes to this. potassium is needed to help with fluid absorption and replacing sweat losses, making it the ideal workout snack. They also contain energizing carbs, where one medium-sized fruit can give you 400mg of potassium and as many carbs as can be found in two slices of whole wheat bread. – Best Fitness Foods for Women



The Best Fitness Foods for Women1

Fresh berries are on USDAs list of top 20 food items richest in anti oxidants. A handful of berries that include blueberries, raspberries or blackberries can give you a buzz of these incredible nutrients, that will be a buffer against free radical damage to your muscles because of exercise. The color of the skin is a good way to gauge the healthiness of the berries – darker the fruit, healthier it is. – Best Fitness Foods for Women


The Best Fitness Foods for Women1

Packed with complex carbs that can give a lot of energy to your muscles and also gives you potassium to control muscle contractions and blood pressure, this snack tastes like crunchy candy, with only 35 calories per half cup.



The Best Fitness Foods for Women1

These come with endurance boosting complex carbs and protein that help in building muscle. A 200 calorie snack that comes with 3/4 cups of whole grain cereal and 4 ounces of fat-free milk, will be ideal as an energy booster 60 minutes before your workout. A snack that fills you up before a workout will give you more energy and help you workout longer and harder, and reduce the potential of overeating after.



Iron and zinc are crucial to maintain your energy levels, and the fast track way to stock up on both is to cook yourself a juicy chicken thigh or turkey drumstick. sports nutritionist Susan Kleiner, Ph.D says that Dark-meat poultry is significantly lower in fat than red meat yet has all the iron, zinc, and B vitamins that women need in their diets. – Best Fitness Foods for Women



The Best Fitness Foods for Women6

Milk is way more than a delicious refreshment that is stocked full of calcium. It has the unique ability to give you a lot of energy while keeping your calorie count low. Chocolate milk, just as normal milk comes filled with calcium, vitamins and minerals but according to recent studies, the additional cocoa makes the milk as good as commercial recovery drinks in repairing muscles and replenishing the body.



The Best Fitness Foods for Women6

14 grams of protein per half-cup serving, along with 75 milligrams of calcium and 5 grams of carbohydrates, is what you get from low-fat cottage cheese that don’t look like much at all. These proteins will help in healing microscopic muscle tears that occur during exercise.



The Best Fitness Foods for Women6

Get yourself a pre or post workout blast with these yummy fruits. They contain carbohydrates (25 grams per ¼ cup) and proanthocyanins, compounds that help prevent and fight urinary tract infections.


EGGS – Best Fitness Foods for Women

The Best Fitness Foods for Women6

The egg yolk, despite what many say, comes filled with iron, and lecithin that is crucial to brain health. An egg a day will give you 215 mg s of cholesterol which is below the daily recommended level cholesterol.



The Best Fitness Foods for Women6

Digestive problems can be a real pain when you do endurance sports. Flaxseed can help keep your gut healthy with fibers called lignans that have soluble and insoluble fibre that keep you regular. 1 – 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseeds in your cereal can give you your required dose of fiber!



The Best Fitness Foods for Women6

All the goodness you need, from complex carbs and proteins to unsaturated fats, can be found in a 70 calorie 3 tablespoon package of hummus. Olive oil, which is a key ingredient in hummus, contains oleic acid, a fat that is known to cancel off the gene that leads to 20/30% of breast cancers according to recent research.



The Best Fitness Foods for Women6

A rich source of vitamin C, Oranges can be found all year and can be carried around anywhere. Vitamin C helps repair muscle tissue, and contains the daily required dose of vitamin C for a woman who is close to 75 milligrams. The vitamin is also crucial to make collagen that helps keep bones strong.



The Best Fitness Foods for Women6

A recent study found that female soccer players performed just as well in the final minutes of a game as in the start when 2 ounces of peanuts a day were added to their daily meal. The additional fat in peanuts will improve endurance by giving the muscles required energy to burn upfront, so they can spare muscle glycogen stores later.



The Best Fitness Foods for Women6

When you sweat out non stop, you need to replace your electrolytes. Four shakes of salt (1100 mg of sodium) with a small baked potato will help you here. The combination of electrolytes, sodium and potassium, will help maintain the balance of fluids in and around cells and will ensure that the muscles will contract as they should.



The Best Fitness Foods for Women6

We all know its good for the heart but did you also know that monounsaturated fats and omega 3 fats will help reduce your abdominal fat? Studies are yet to confirm the link between the two, but this is good news for women who want to tone their core.


The Best Fitness Foods for Women

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