5 tips to get a loan to kick-start your business

5 Ways to Get Personal Loans for A Business Startup

Finance is a crucial factor for many startups, and there are many sources available that can help you with this. Banks, credit cards, commercial lenders etc are all sources that can fund your new business. You can get expert advice on what the best source for funding your business and what types of loans and finances will work for you. Before you settle on a specific type of loan, it is important to know the characters of different loans.


These are some of the standard loan schemes available and their variations.

  1. Line-of-Credit:

5 tips to get a loan to kickstart your business1

These are ideal and beneficial for startups. These are permanent arrangement loans that will help protect the business from cash flow delays and emergencies.

These loans are short-term arrangements, targeted at helping purchase real estate and various equipment. You can extend the available cash in the checking account of the business to the maximum edge of the contract of loan. Funding methods are unique to each bank, but some money is shifted in the checking account so that cover checks are included. Interest needs to be paid on the advanced amount until it’s all paid back.

The interest rates are very low as these are considered as low risk loans. Certain banks come with a clause that makes it possible to call off the loan if the company is in trouble. Interest needs to be paid monthly and principal whenever possible. The loans are usually annual, and can be renewed by paying a yearly fee.


  1. Installment Loans:

5 tips to get a loan to kickstart your busines

These need to be paid back in equal monthly installments, that cover the interest and principal. These loans are designed to meet all the needs of the business. When you sign the contract, you will receive full payment and the interest is calculated from the day you receive the loan to the last day of it. If the installment is paid before the final date, there will be a suitable modification on interest,.

The loan is known as a business cycle and is a wonderful option for start-ups. The interest rates are low as they are low risk investments, and the installments can be paid yearly, half-yearly or quarterly.


  1. Balloon Loans:

5 tips to get a loan to kickstart your businessThese are mainly for businesses that have cash flow issues in terms of having to wait for a specific date to recieve payment from clients.

They are given under many different names, and the key feature is that you receive total payment when you sign the contract. Interest is paid for the duration of the loan. These are very similar to the installment loans.


  1. Interim Loans:

5 tips to get a loan to kickstart your business1These are for owners of businesses who have the capacity to repay the loan with a dependable guarantee.

Here, periodic payments are made to contractors who are building new facilities and the mortgage of the building is used to pay off the loan.


  1. Secured Loans and Unsecured:

5 tips to get a loan to kickstart your business1Loans are divided into secured loans and unsecured loans. If the person giving the loan knows you well, and has faith in your new venture and that you will pay back on time, then he can give you an unsecured loan. In these types of loans, there is no insurance against you not paying back the loan. This is only an option if the lenders consider you to be a low risk option. These are the best personal loan options, but are very hard to get for start-ups as you need to show a history of a successful track record.

A secured loan looks for collateral, and has a lower and affordable interest rate compared to the unsecured ones. Collateral is usually property or inventory. The collateral should generally last longer than the loan and is usually connected to the reason of the loan. Insurance is valued appropriately as this is the mode of getting the capital back incase the loan is defaulted.

5 tips to get a loan to kick-start your business

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