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14 ways to know that you are not drinking enough water.

14 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Refreshment, in a word, is a tall cool glass of water. We all know that sometimes, a plain glass of water makes you feel ten times better than a fancy cup of coffee or a soda. Regardless of this, many of us don’t seem to get the required daily intake of water . When we lose out on one of the worlds cheapest and most affordable beverages, we also tend to severely damage our bodies. If you are suffering with any of the following symptoms, a glass of water is what you need!


  1. Your Mouth is Dry

14 ways to know that you are not drinking enough water.

This is a little obvious but what it implies might be a little more serious. When your mouth keeps dry, you will reach for the nearest liquid, but sugary drinks are only a short fix for a bigger problem. Having water instead will lubricate your mouth and throat, continuing to keep your mouth moist.


  1. Your Skin is Dry

Being the largest organ in the body, of course hydration is important to the skin. Skin that is dry is a symptom of dehydration and might indicate more serious complications. When there is no water, it indicates a lack of sweat, leading to a situation where your body can’t wash off the dirt and oil accumulated over the day. if you want to stave off breakouts, your first recourse should be to drink more water.


  1. You’re Overly Thirsty

14 ways to know that you are not drinking enough water.

This is more than a dry mouth, where you are craving water and can’t get enough of it, just like how you feel after a hangover. alcohol dehydrated the body and drinking water is how your body refuel until your fluid levels are up to normal. It is always important to listen to your body, no one knows what your body wants better than the body itself.


  1. Your Eyes Are Dry

A water shortage in the body affects almost all the organs, including the eyes. When there is no water in the body, your tear ducts get dry, ans can cause serious harm to your eyes and body, specially if you are someone who wears contacts daily.


  1. You Experience Joint Pain

14 ways to know that you are not drinking enough water.

Did you know that 80% of out spinal disks and cartilages are made of water? Thus, it is crucial to keep our bones from rubbing against each other as we move. A well hydrated body is better equipped to absorb the shock of sudden movements, such as running, jumping or falling awkwardly.


  1. Your Muscle Mass Decreases

Water is also a key component of your muscles. The lower the water volume in the body, the lower the muscle mass in your body. It is important to plenty of water before, during and after a workout as it keeps you hydrated and comfortable and also brings the water to the right places in the body. This will help decrease the chances of injuries and soreness related to working out.


  1. You Stay Sick Longer

14 ways to know that you are not drinking enough water.

The more water you drink, the more toxins gets flushed off your body. The organs in the body work like a filter that can flush out toxins but when the machiene is not fuelled with water, it cannot operate properly. With a shortage of water, the dehydrated organs will try to pull water from storage areas like your blood, which will create a whole new set of problems.


  1. You Feel Fatigued and Lethargic

When the body is dehydrated, it tends to borrow water from the blood. Dehydrated blood will then lead to a shortage of oxygen that circulates within the body. When there is an oxygen shortage, the body will react by being sleepy all the time and expressing signs of fatigue. When your stamin goes down, your 2 PM crash will keep coming forward in time, and your trusted coffee will not be able to help with this.


  1. You Experience Hunger Pangs

14 ways to know that you are not drinking enough water.

Your body can also react to dehydration by thinking it needs more food. This will make you hungry all the time during day and might even wake you up at night with a midnight hunger pang. Though the signal for hunger is given, eating will create more work for the body whereas water will help clean the organs and supply it with the energy needed to function well.


  1. You Experience Digestive Problems

In addition to the mucus in out mouth and throat that needs to be kept moist, the entire digestive system needs to be properly hydrated. When the system is not properly hydrated, the amount and strength of mucus in the tummy goes down, making room for the stomach acids to damage your insides. This is a major cause of heartburn and indigestion.


  1. You Experience Constipation

14 ways to know that you are not drinking enough water.

Hydration lubricates the digestive system. When you are dehydrated, the colon uses the water reserved by the intestines, and thereby leaving little to no lubrication that leads to constipation.


  1. You Experience Reduced Urination

If your bathroom breaks are not between 4-7 times a day, it’s a sign to say that you need to drink more water. And your pee needs to be clear or a slightly yellow color. The darker the yellow is, the more it means that your body needs hydration. Sometimes dehydration leads to urine infections where a doctors help is urgently needed.


  1. You Experience Premature Aging

14 ways to know that you are not drinking enough water.

As we get older, the amount of water in our body automatically goes down. So when your body is facing a shortage of hydration, you will start to age prematurely. The aging will be seen outside of the body, but this also has many negative repercussions inside the body that will create many serious issues that can surface later in time. It is important to make sure you are always hydrated.


  1. You’re Reading This And Have Gotten This Far

Drink water all the time and make it easier on your self. Always have a glass or bottle of water by your side, whatever you are doing or where you go such as work, gym, shopping etc. If you feel like you don’t drink enough after reading this article, do go and hydrate yourself! Make sure you get the recommended intake of water for the day!

14 ways to know that you are not drinking enough water.

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