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10 ways to lose weight!

Easy and convenient fat loss tips!

For most of us, weight loss is a painful process. If your day-to-day life is filled with cramming workouts and avoiding your favorite food,weight loss can be downright torture!

Simple decisions to eat better and increasing the amount of exercise you get can take some work, but a few lifestyle changes along with these can make your weight loss regime much easier, and be sustainable over time. – 10 ways to lose weight!

After a lot of chats with weight loss experts and normal people who have found shortcuts to weight loss , we have found 10 ways to lose weight the easy way for you!


  1. Add, Don’t Subtract

10 ways to lose weight!

Instead of skipping food items, try to add certain food items to your diet.

Deep red cherries, juicy grapes and crunchy snow peas are a few snacks that you can add to your daily diet to make a difference, Slipping them in to your lunch and breakfast, and adding yummy veggies to your soups and stews can work wonders.

Although you need to add with caution, keeping an eye out for calories, and mix it up with something fun and physical like dance moves, shooting hoops or a quick scroll after dinner.



  1. Forget About Working Out

10 ways to lose weight!

Does hearing the word exercise make you cringe and run and hide? Then avoid it. Make sure that your work out is something you enjoy. – 10 ways to lose weight

After a lot of chats with weight loss experts and no

Once you get over the block you have with exercise, and get down to your regime, the way a healthy body makes you feel will kick off all the blocks you have against exercise in the first place.

Options you can explore to burn calories are beach combing, riding bikes, grass skiing, hiking, playing with your dog, or even great sex! Anything that makes your body work, works.


  1. Go Walking – 10 ways to lose weight

10 ways to lose weight!

When the weather is to die for, walking is a wonderful way to keep fit! In addition to being a great workout, walking can also act as a stress buster, and the different seasons can help you have a different experience as you walk.

If your neighborhood has no sidewalks, you can use these tips to increase your number of steps.

  • Trade your power mower for a push version.
  • Park your car at the back of the lot.
  • Get out of the office building and enjoy walking meetings.
  • Sweep the drive or rake the leaves instead of using a leaf-blower.
  • Get off the bus a few stops earlier.
  • Hike the mall, being sure to hit allthe levels.
  • Take the stairs every chance you get.
  • Sign up for charity walks.
  • Crank the music and get your heart rate up the next time you mop or vacuum.

A few of these tips together with walking twice a day for 10 minutes will give you a low impact 30 min workout without too much fuss. -10 ways to lose weight


  1. Lighten the Foods You Already Love

10 ways to lose weight!

Cutting back on what we love sucks, so make the process easier by switching to a low cal version of what you already love. The satisfaction you get from a pizza with reduced fat cheese is the same as a calorie filled pizza, and low-fat ice creams garnished with your favorite topper makes it impossible to tell them apart from the full cream ones!
As you work on trimming the fat calories, also try to increase your fiber intake. It helps keep you full for a longer time, and adding a cup of whole wheat flour to your pizza dough  or a handful of bell peppers on the pie are as easy as ever.

Also keep an eye out for the drinks. Switch from high calorie beverages to diet soda or light beer or add a spritz of seltzer to your wine. -10 ways to lose weight

If you aren’t a big fan of low cal drinks, mix your normal drink with the low cal version and increase the ratio as you go on, getting used to the taste. And drink lots and lots of water.


  1. Because Hydration Helps — Really!

Famished and want to stuff your face? Get rid of the tendency to over eat by gulping down some water before you have your meal. It will make it easier to watch what you eat, since it makes you less hungry. -10 ways to lose weight

If you are a compulsive snacker, keep a stock of no calorie beverages with you to keep you from snacking on junk food. It will keep your mouth busy and control the compulsion to over eat.

Partying out? replace the high calorie cocktails with a low cal drink. Granb one and hold on to it, it will help you keep from snacking at the buffet as well.

A lot of water will keep you hydrated and refreshed, helping you exercise more and longer.


  1. Share and Share Alike

10 ways to lose weight!

A great way to reduce your calorie intake and to save some money is to share your meal! You can share the main, the dessert and even a beer because the portions served at restaurants are often rather large. -10 ways to lose weight

When you start splitting, the options are limitless. Doubling up on a bicycle built for two, halves on the cost of a personal trainer or even splitting a gym membership are options you can look at to reduce weight and costs. -10 ways to lose weight

Doing things together like eating healthy or getting more exercise can make it easier. Together is always better than alone, and it helps you be more effective and stick to a resolution as well.


  1. Tune In, Tone Up

We all love the TV and we also need to get more exercise. Combining the both can give us the best in both worlds! -10 ways to lose weight

A few dance moves to your favorite music show, or a few well-aimed cardio boxing workouts when your most hated reality star comes on-screen can make your television sessions much healthier.

Commercials are ideal slots to pedal a stationary bike, treadmill or even to do bicep curls with substitute weights like soda cans. You can go the extra mile by putting on a high energy exercise video and working out alongside.

As long as you are up and moving, what you do does not really matter. Generally at least 15 minutes a day is recommended, but the additional stamina you get from the TV can help you even outlast the last survivor. -10 ways to lose weight

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  1. Size Matters – 10 ways to lose weight

10 ways to lose weight!

Your dinnerware plays a key role in controlling your portion size.

While a small serving on a large plate will make you want more, a smaller plate will make you feel like you already have more. -10 ways to lose weight

As humans are conditioned by physical cues, it makes you feel like you had enough the moment you see the bottom of your plate.

This also applies to spoons, cups, bowls etc. A cup of ice cream with a baby spoon lasts longer and tastes better, satisfying you with a smaller quantity than usual.


  1. Get Involved, or at Least Get to the Table

10 ways to lose weight!

If your weight loss regime is boring you, try to do something else . Explore options that have nothing to do with food, like politics, yoga, painting… The options are limitless. You can also do your own project like repainting the house, taking a class in something you are interested in etc. You need to be doing something outside of your weight loss regime.

So busy you can’t think of anything else, at least try to avoid the TV as you eat. Eating in front of the TV can distract you, and you are not aware about what you eat, making it harder to control your food intake. – 10 ways to lose weight


  1. Lose It Today, Keep It Off Tomorrow

Patience is the best virtue. Weight loss wont happen over time and it will take some time to materialize. Research has shown that people who managed loose at least 30 pounds and kept it that way for at least 2 years have found it easier to maintain their weight loss with ledder time and effort as time went on.

So don’t expect to feel great over night. The improved self-confidence, mood boosts and better health will come, but in time.


  1. Bonus Tips – 10 ways to lose weight

Here are a few more 10 ways to lose weight!

  • Eat at the same times every day (including snacks).
    Keeping a time-table will let your body control hunger pangs as it knows when the next meal will come. Our body is used to rhythms and regulations , so use that as a means to boost your weight loss regime.
  • Make only one meal.
    Avoid the two meal strategy – high cal for the family and low cal for you. Instead, make sure everyone eats healthy – as its easier when everyone eats the same thing. The temptation also wont be calling to you to taste the food the other members are having.


Remember that little things add up.

Every bit counts – so munch on the veggies and fruits and take short walks whenever you can!

10 ways to lose weight!

Thank you reading this article. Please share it with your friends to make them aware.

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